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Are You Stuck In Bed And Can’t Make It In To Work?

December 23, 2016

The Dreadful Sick Day

I’m not sure about you, but one thing that stressed me out more than actually being sick was preparing for a sick day. It’s one thing to prepare for a day you have to take off in the near future, but it’s quite another to wake up feeling awful and scrambling to have something for your kiddos to do with a substitute. Sure, I always had a few class sets laying around of things we didn’t get to. But nothing does a number on your teacher ego like coming back to a note saying your kids had no clue what do to because you grabbed the wrong papers in your daze. Enter – my monthly No Prep Substitute Packs!

What is included in my Sub Packets?

Each month includes 20 pages of Math and ELA practice pages. These pages vary from cut-and-paste activities, coloring, sorting, etc. and ONLY cover skills taught up to that month. For example, January’s sub pack includes skills covered from August to December and nothing from January. This is to ensure your students can complete all the pages with minimal help from the substitute, leaving him or her to manage behavior instead of introducing skills.

Storing my Sub Packets

My favorite place to store these packs is right behind my desk, next to my Substitute Binder. The pages are printed off, clipped together, and saved in a large white envelope with that month labeled. All that is left to do in case of an emergency call-in, is to give the Team Lead a heads up so they can grab the pack for that month, then head back to bed! A healthy teacher is a happy and effective teacher, and these substitute packs will be exactly what you need to take care for yourself without the guilt of being away.

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