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Hey Moms! If You’re Struggling – I FEEL Ya!

January 11, 2017

Hello there, fellow exhausted wife/momma/teacher!

I’m so happy you found this website to encourage and inspire you in the area you are most passionate about…….even if you don’t always feel that passion! Is that a terrible thing to admit, that I don’t always feel passionate about what I do?? No way! It’s called exhaustion and life! If it were easy, Joe Shmoe would be teaching all the phonics sounds and rules of “ou”…yea right, as funny as that would be to see, no one is learning that way!

I must say that my passion has been feeling very dim this first half of this school year. I’ll just say it… it’s been the most challenging year I’ve ever had! It started off with new expectations, I found out I was expecting (yay!!), and then had to have an emergency surgery (boo!!), which rocked my world. Baby and I are doing good now! However, I have been drowning trying to catch up since I was out for three weeks.

So, if you’re struggling—I FEEL YA! It’s hard!

Let me encourage you to take advantage of the brand new year. Here are a couple of things I am going to do this month to help make this half of the school year full of passion and joy!

  • Change my attitude. Yes, difficult things have happened, but that’s just it, they happenED. It’s over, so I can’t dwell on that. Move on and suck it up! (Sometimes I need to give myself a good pep talk!)
  • Get organized. I struggle with this because it’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed. Nothing feels better than when the house AND classroom are cleaned and organized. I mean, that’s when you feel like superwoman. But seriously, how often do those two things happen at the same time?? If you take little steps each day to put things away, at home and at school, it makes Saturdays so much better. That way, you’re not running around like a crazy person trying to make sense of the chaos – speaking from experience over here!
  • Ask for help. This is hard for me because of my pride….but this is why we have that awesome support group that we’ve been blessed with: spouses, teammates, friends, family, church family…anyone who can offer a word of encouragement, an hour of babysitting or just an ear to listen to you!

There are so many helpful tips and things out there, but I like to keep things simple and realistic. Three things to help refocus myself this new year seems reasonable to me, and I hope it is helpful for you, too!

Happy teaching, friends!

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