The Story of a Stay at Home Teacher

January 17, 2017

My whole life I’ve wanted to be three things – a wife, a mother and a teacher. I had a million ideas of how amazing each role would be and I couldn’t wait to jump in!

My roles as a wife and teacher in the beginning

First came my role as a wife. My middle school sweetheart and I tied the knot shortly before college graduation. Managing our internships as newlyweds kept us busy, but we had a blast together! We then added the career “layer”. We are both teachers by trade and understand the demands of the job, so we were fairly successful at managing our time with work and our time with each other. We continued this for the first several years of our marriage. Then came the most exciting “layer” to our relationship.

My role as a mother

We found out we were expecting in April of 2015. I was SO thrilled to bring a sweet baby into our fun little life, and felt so thankful that I had been blessed with my three dream jobs! Then it hit me, I had been blessed with my three dream jobs – all at the same time. I know that many women do it, but I never really thought about taking on all three roles at the same time! I always pictured my wife/teacher life and my wife/momma life, but never the three together.

Is this possible? Can we do this?

Raised by a SAHM, I always planned on doing the same. I hadn’t even met my daughter yet, but I already loved her so much and couldn’t wait to spend my days with her! However, I ran into the issue of loving my job as a teacher as well. I had so many questions. Could I give all I had to each role without neglecting my role as a wife? Could I bear to leave the classroom? Could we even afford for me to leave? I began to pray for guidance. Deep down I knew what I wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure it was God’s conviction and not my own selfish plan. I prayed and prayed, and finally felt affirmed when my husband agreed with what I wanted to do. It would be difficult, and there would be many sacrifices, but I would be a stay-at-home momma.

Everything fell right into place. Baby girl was due during Christmas break and my principal encouraged me to do what I felt was best for my family. We found an amazing replacement for the spring semester, made the announcement to students and parents, and I was off to start my new SAHM journey at Christmas! The first 5 months were so crazy and full of learning. But after a little while, I felt I finally had life (slightly) figured out and I wanted to take on some extra responsibility. My husband worked like crazy to supplement his teacher salary, so I wanted to help however I could. I always admired the many amazing teachers on TeachersPayTeachers, but I couldn’t manage to find time while I was a full-time teacher. So, I made it my naptime project to start fiddling around with my ideas. I became completely addicted!

Stay at Home Teacher

Being a seller on TPT keeps me connected to the teaching world and allows me to continue to have an impact on students. For this current season of my life, it’s the best of both worlds. Maybe I’ll go back to the classroom one day, but for now, I am in love with spending my days with my little buddy and being a stay-at-home teacher!

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