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Happy Birthday to You

February 8, 2017

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday dear _____, happy birthday to you! Celebrating birthdays in the classroom can be so special. There are endless possibilities. Go all out.  All students get a turn to have the entire class celebrate them for the whole day! How amazing!  Here are some tips on how to make your babies feel like kings and queens for the day:


Put a balloon on that baby’s chair. Let them wear a crown/hat/sticker so everybody knows to tell them, “Happy Birthday!”  You can even go as far as hanging a banner or a sign on their cubby or locker.


Have the students create a special book for the birthday boy/girl. Use your Writing block or a center to have each child create a page to go in the book. The page needs to be all about the birthday boy/girl. You can use any heading you prefer. Here are several I have used in the past: I think (child’s name) will grow up to be a _____, (Child’s name) is special because ______, I want to shout out (child’s name) because _________.  Not only will the children practice modeling kindness towards their classmates, they will also brush up on their sentence writing! Compile the pages into a book and present it to the child during Morning Meeting!

Make a Wish

Have a pretend cake in your classroom. Over the top and strange, I know. It can be a wooden toy cake or made from Styrofoam. Light real candles (don’t forget fire safety rules), sing Happy Birthday and have the child make a wish in front of the class. The idea of everybody celebrating only ONE classmate at a time will help the students learn to be happy for one another.

For the Over-Achievers

Listen, I’ll be the first one to admit I over spend on my classroom. If you feel like indulging, you will not be disappointed in the Pinklejinx Birthday Collection kit (find on Amazon). The 13-piece kit comes with a chair cover, a crown, a hardback children’s book, banner, placemat, etc. Some of the items are unnecessary for a classroom setting, but it definitely has some great pieces. If you’re anything like me, you’ll raid the Target dollar section and create your own kit for way less.  Shhh!

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