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Fitting It All In

February 16, 2017

Being a stay-at-home teacher can be so much fun! But just like any other work-from-home job, it can be incredibly stressful. My time management has been the biggest deciding factor in which of those experiences I have. Just like when I was in the classroom, I’ve learned that if I don’t structure my time just right, I have a hard time fitting everything in. I have to find a balance between scheduling and flexibility so that I’m able to get work done without cutting into my main job – being a stay-at-home momma. I’d love to share with you a glimpse of my day and the routine I try to stick to! (PS – Notice the “ish” in our routine…)

Our Routine

7:30-ish am – Baby Girl and I are up, ready to enjoy breakfast and our morning shows. We take it pretty easy in the mornings, but try to get out for any errands we might have for the day. I know I’m not the only momma who hates running around when everything is super busy in the afternoon!

10:00-ish am – I try to get Baby Girl down for her nap 2.5 – 3 hours after she woke up. This is where the flexibility comes into our routine. Sometimes she might have a rough night and go down earlier. Other times she’ll be wired and hang out for longer. Or….. She might have a cough that wakes her up 10 minutes into her nap and have to hang out with me while I work. (That may or may not be the case as I type this!)

Noon-ish – We try to get lots of active play in during the afternoon! This could be anything from a dance party in the living room to spending some time at the park. We’ve got to get all that energy out!

3:00-ish pm – Baby Girl goes down for her second nap, and I get my Bible study and afternoon work done.

4:30-ish pm – Daddy gets home from school (yay!) and we tackle any family activities we have for the evening!

Naptime is Worktime

Like I said earlier in this post, my main job now is being a stay-at-home momma. So I try very hard to make a point to only be on my computer while she is asleep. This can be SO HARD for me when I’m on a roll with something, or if she’s fighting naps. But it’s very important to me that I focus on her full-time and treat my TPT/Blog work as my part-time job. What I don’t get to during the day, I get to in the evening after she goes to sleep.

The easiest way for me to stay “on task” during my work time is to have a list handy. I tried assigning work to get done for each day, but that just stressed me out! Now, I have my planner next to me while I work with a list of tasks I want to get completed that week. That way I can work on whatever I’m in the mood for. If I’m having writer’s block but am on a roll with a TPT product, I’m not forced to sit and stare at my computer.

I hope this gives you a little look into our day and gives you an idea of how I manage my time! Best of luck if you’re trying to do the same!

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