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Shout Out!

March 30, 2017

Doesn’t it feel SO good to be shouted out for doing something amazing? Your mood instantly improves and you feel yourself smiling from ear to ear. What better way to get the children to call out other students for having outstanding behavior than to create a Shout Out display. The idea of celebrating other students will become second nature for your kiddos. This can look like a million different things. Here is how it looks in our classroom:

 Take Fun Pictures

Take pictures of the students pretending to yell or shout! This makes the display way more entertaining. It’s so funny to see how each child interprets the idea of “shouting out!” Let them be a creative as possible. Our students held their hands to their mouth and said the word, “shout out” as I snapped their picture.

 Create a Fun Display

Pick a space in the classroom or hallway where the display will be seen ALL THE TIME! You want to show off this space and let your students know how proud you are of them for lifting up their classmates. This could look like a bulletin board, a classroom door, etc. The possibilities are endless. Pick a theme, such as “Kindness is Cool.” In our class, the classroom door has a fun background and seven page protectors. We slip the Shout Out template and a picture of the child into the page protector to be seen by all.

 Switch It Up

Switch out the shout outs and students frequently. The more you switch, the more chances you have to celebrate the positive. There can be rules to how often you switch, who can give a shout out, etc. Make it a huge deal to be celebrated on the wall!

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