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Assignments Collection & Organization

March 31, 2017

We all knew that part of our job as a teacher would be grading students’ work. We amped ourselves up as interns thinking we would never be one of those teachers who got tired of grading papers. We’d make it “fun” with stickers and colored pens and encouraging notes on every page. Right? Then reality set it… You’re finally sitting down to grade Mt. Paperwork and update your gradebook the night before grades are due. Your stack is huge so surely you have full class sets of assignments. Until you see the dreaded “holes” in the gradebook and you just want to cry. No more, friends. No more.

Collecting Assignments

My secret weapon for staying on top of collecting papers and making sure there were no horrid gradebook “holes” was this handy checklist below. {Click on the picture to download this editable list for FREE in my TPT store!} If I already knew that an assignment would be taken for a grade or I really wanted to assess the skill before we moved on, I would have students turn it in directly to me or my desk. I didn’t want to risk papers getting lost in my turn-in tray or shoved in students’ desks. As assignments came in, or at least by the end of the day, I would highlight students’ names. This helped me see who was missing work and quickly remind them to get it finished within a few days. By progress report time, I had very few “holes” in my gradebook because we had tackled missing work early on.

Organizing Graded Assignments

While my checklists helped me save time and manage assignments before they were graded, I still needed something to help me handle the tedious task of returning graded work to students. Walking around the room dropping off graded assignments to each student became such a chaotic ordeal. Papers ended up all over the floor, crumpled up in backpacks, and didn’t always make it home to parents. I decided to streamline my organization of graded papers with a hanging file bin and it made a world of difference! Each student was given their own hanging file in the bin. After I graded a class set of an assignment, I would immediately file the papers with their owners. These papers stayed in the bin until the end of the week. During special area, I would quickly grab students’ take-home folders, load them up with assignments, and put them back on students’ desks. Done. No walking around the room for 15 minutes while kiddos shouted their grades across the room or followed me around asking for why they got a certain grade. It was so easy!

I know I can’t be the only teacher who struggled with collecting and organizing student work. Did you find a different solution that works for you? I’d love to hear about it! If not, I hope this helps you relieve some stress!

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