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Math + Art = 1 Nervous Art Teacher

April 7, 2017

My recent posts here on Tenspire have shared my love for arts integration and the challenges it brings.  Incorporating content standards into my art room has been very successful in all grade levels and that’s what keeps me motivated to try new things.

Let’s talk about one academic area I may not be as confident with!

Has there ever been one thing you were terrified of trying in your classroom? One thing you knew you could never be comfortable teaching no matter how much you’ve studied and prepared? As a new teacher, I am still learning and I am still afraid to try new techniques and procedures with the students every day! But my one thing I am afraid of incorporating in my room is MATH! Yes, math. My nemesis in my past life as a student. Math was always my weakest subject because it just didn’t make sense to me. Looking at all of the word problems, numbers, fractions, decimals, equations with letters, and graphs before trying to solve the problem automatically made me feel defeated. Once I finished my last math class in college, I thought I would never be faced with mathematical challenges again except for the math we all do on a daily basis. Once I became a teacher and saw the strong push for academics into the special area classrooms my stomach dropped when thinking about possibly looking at a math lesson. I know there are students in my school who feel the exact same ways I felt as a student and even now as an adult.

At my school, we are assigned teaching partners, a teacher that we must observe during the school year. We are assigned this partner based off of strengths and weaknesses we have in the classroom and with our teaching. The day I observed my teaching partner, she was teaching…just wait for it… MATH. That was the moment I realized it is time to venture into the math world to see what I could do. I truly felt more confident after her amazing observation than I ever did sitting at my computer and failing when creating a math/art lesson. I knew I would have to build up my confidence and begin learning fun ways to incorporate math in my art room for students and for myself.

What topics do you feel uncomfortable teaching? What have you done to make your weakness a strength?

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