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Sub Plans in the Art Room

April 12, 2017

If any of you are like me you hate taking off work and dread making sub plans and love every waking second of being in your classroom, right? Maybe it’s just me! As teachers, we have to take off a few times during the school year due to sickness, doctor visits, professional trainings, and events that are out of our control.

Sub Plans Can Take Hours

As an art teacher, making sub plans can take hours, at least for me. I teach 6-7 classes each day ranging from grades kindergarten through sixth. Each grade level does a grade appropriate art lesson and classes switch every 45 minutes. I feel like I’m running a marathon, daily. So making sub plans for this many classes isn’t my favorite thing to do. Just like any teacher, the go-to art sub tub is MARVELOUS! I know that in case of an emergency or even when I plan ahead, the substitute teacher can grab any activity for the students. The lessons are understandable and the materials are accessible for my sub and students. I have two lessons that I tend to use more than any others because I know the students enjoy them! These activities can be used in grade level classrooms as well!

LEGO Person Game

The first sub plan I use is the LEGO Person game. The students play in pairs, or in a group of 4. The students use the numbers on the dice to determine which features will be added to their portrait. The students are amused with how misplaced the superman chest may be with a pirate eye patch and long eyelashes. Once the students draw the features provided they are allowed to add extra details and colors. This sub lesson works best with my second though sixth graders. The key chart and template below are provided for each student plus 1 die for each pair/group. You can download the game here!

Roll-An-Artist Game

The second sub lessons I love to use are the “Roll-An Artist” games. These games include artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and many more artists I introduce to my students. I also use these games as a wrap up with a particular unit we have worked on in class.  It’s the same procedures as the LEGO Person game explained above except the features are more related to the artists’ techniques. The students do not have a template to fill in, they may draw this portrait on a blank piece of paper. The key charts below are examples of what I use in my art room!


What are your go-to sub lessons that you know your students will enjoy in the classroom?

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