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April 16, 2017

Let’s talk about technology! It’s everywhere, it’s impossible to avoid, and we should be embracing it! Let’s face it- your students are probably more skilled with technology than you are, and definitely more knowledgeable than you were at their age! If you’re lucky, your school is outfitted with the latest and greatest tech tools. Hopefully you at least have some laptops or tablets for students to work with at school. Today I am going to share some of my favorite math apps and websites that you can use in your classroom to help students develop their math skills!

            I LOVE this site! Our school/district has purchased a subscription, and while I’m not sure how much it costs, I can definitely say it’s worth the money! What I love about this site is that students can practice specific skills that they need across a variety of grade levels. If I have 3rd grade students working on a 2nd grade level, I can go to IXL and assign them specific 2nd grade skills to work on, which is great for filling in those gaps! I currently have a student working above grade level, so I have printed a list of the 4th grade skills I want her to work on, and she’s working through those skills at home. 

Math Duel

            This app is great for partner work! Its split-screen format allows 2 students to compete against each other for a math facts challenge! It’s not a free app, but I have it on my personal iPad and the students like to play it during inside recess, or use it as a reward from my Dojo store. The new update has a single player feature, but my students love competing against each other!

Math Cards

            I keep this app on my phone so that we can play in the hallway while we wait to go in to the lunchroom/special area…basically any time we are waiting. You can choose flash cards from any of the four operations. One element I love in this app is the multiple choice feature. If a student is struggling with a fact, you can tap the screen and the app will offer answer choices. This one is simple but awesome!

Math vs. Zombies

            This app is fun and silly, but also great for practicing math facts. The objective is to answer math facts correctly and quickly enough to turn zombies back into humans. You can adjust the difficulty level and practice all four operations, and the problems get more complex as the players move up in levels. This app is a student favorite!

Splash Math

            This series of apps is categorized by grade level. It’s a very colorful, fun, and interactive app that allows students to practice a variety of skills aligned to the Common Core standards. Each grade level has a separate app, which can make it difficult to differentiate, but they are free so I don’t mind downloading multiple!

            This website is great because you can search for games based on topic or grade level, and they have several different activities for each skill. It is primarily math-oriented, but it also has “logic games” which challenge students to use reasoning skills to solve problems. It is also a KidSafe certified website, so all content or ads you may see are kid-friendly.


These are just some of the apps and websites that I love to use with my students! I am always on the lookout for more great tech resources, and I’ll make sure to share with you when I find great ones!

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