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Marker, Mirror, Miracle

April 27, 2017

Marker + Mirror = Miracle

As a night owl and non-morning person, having to be at my desk at 7:15 every morning is a struggle.  Every morning I drag myself out of bed, descend down the stairs to let the dogs out, and then flip on the light and stare at my sleepy face in the mirror.  However, lately there’s been more to look at than my messy hair reflection in the mirror.  My mirror is now covered in words and messages from me to me written with a dry erase marker.  There’s an inspirational quote or message, a weekly goal, and a daily goal.

As educators, we are typically very organized and love to do lists! My paper planner and my email calendar keep me on track.  My desk is also covered with post-it notes so I thought why not use these same skills at home to better my personal and professional well-being.

All too often we think of goals or habits we would like to change but day by day they stay just that- a thought.  We are so busy so we think, tomorrow I’ll go to the gym or next week I can start reading that book.  By writing our personal goals down it makes it real!  An abstract thought with no real substance becomes something concrete and observable.

When I’m exhausted from a day’s work and I come home and see my daily goal, it helps give me that extra push to actually get it done.  And who doesn’t love that feeling of accomplishment when you cross something off a list or erase it?

It’s important to keep goals simple, especially at first. 

Long-term goals are important and inspiring but can also be overwhelming.  We all know the best way to get to a long-term goal is to set manageable and realistic short-term goals.  By coming up with simple daily and weekly goals it helps me actually take those baby steps to my long-term goals.  For example, writing this is today’s daily goal.  I came home today with a headache and lots of work to do, and I can pretty much bet there’s no way I would be sitting here typing if it wasn’t staring at me in the mirror.

So no matter what long or short-term goals you have or if there’s something you’ve been struggling with lately, I encourage you to make it more real and face it head on in the mirror every morning, evening, and night.  Combining a marker and mirror has been a miracle in my life!  It’s helped my outlook be more positive, and it’s getting me closer to my long-term goals.

Remember to be patient with yourself and celebrate each small step toward making yourself a better version of who you are. One of my favorite quotes is “Rome was not built in a day.”  Hey, maybe I’ll go write that on my mirror.

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