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Another Day, Another Slay – End the School Year like a Pro

May 3, 2017

You can feel it… the end of the school year buzz is already upon us! Despite this overwhelming excitement, you know that craziness can also ensue. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you end the school year like a pro!

1.) I’m all about keeping the control in my classroom but I’m also not an unrealistic meanie either. Summer is right around the corner and you and your students can’t deny it. One of the things I like to do starting in May is to have a daily activity that’s fun, EASY (on my part), and will keep my students wanting to work hard for me to earn it! Here are some of my favorite daily activities…

  • Bubble Party:  My students get to take a 10-15 minute brain break to blow and chase bubbles outdoors!
  • Paint Party:  My students get to end the day by painting a picture for someone special – in my experience (at this point in the year) it isn’t uncommon for classroom romances to blossom and it to be for one another! This is a hoot to see! 😉
  • Lunch in the Classroom:  This is super easy and the pay off is huge! Who doesn’t want to do this right?!? **CLEAN-UP TIP – give each table group a trash bag and make them responsible for their own messes.**

2.) PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!  This one is simple. If you made it the whole school year without it, chances are it’s good to go. You’ll feel accomplished, your filing cabinet and storage bins will thank you, and your August teacher self will do a happy dance knowing that you have less items to sort through.

3.) Start your end of the year student gifts early! This one can be HUGE because, last year, I put this task off until the very last minute. I hated myself for it too because I was mentally and physically exhausted at the end of every day (not to mention 9 months pregnant)! Whatever Pinterest inspired idea you choose – start early!

That’s all for now. Until next time, keep influencing the world and stay positive!

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