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May 13, 2017

In my art room I have numerous resources that are available to me, books, posters, art textbooks, and resources left from my amazing mentor teacher.I’ve ordered items before and have been disappointed in the past with the lack of information provided or the low quality of images that I’ve needed to use but there are a few that I use consistently and daily when it comes to lesson planning. This post will focus on my favorite resource I have in Studio EE4. 

Getting to Know series:

I was never familiar with this series until my first NAEA (National Art Education Association) Convention in New York City during my junior year in college. I remember finding a vendor with these books and dvd’s and bought as many as I could, instantly loving the illustrations and how easy of a read it would be in my future art room.  The Getting to Know series is not just something for art teachers, but can be used my music teachers and grade level classrooms as well.  This series was created by author and illustrator Mike Vienza. These series of books and dvd’s teach students about influential people, places, ideas, and events that made a major impact in history artistically, musically, and politically. I’ve never used the Getting to Know the Composers or Presidents series but have heard from other teachers it’s a great resource to use. 

Getting to Know the Artist books gives a brief biography over numerous artist in the art world in the past and present. The books are kid friendly and have very appealing illustrations to keep student engaged. I love using these books in my room because the students love seeing the artist in story format and the concept of what we are learning is easier to grasp with certain grade levels. The students learning about their inspirations, seeing the artist’s early works, and seeing how the artist developed over the years. Some of the newer books also have quizzes that you can copy and use to wrap up a particular unit or lesson. I use these quizzes for multiple grade levels and lessons and tweek questions as needed. I also love to use these books at the beginning and end of the year to introduce and wrap up what artist we will or already have discussed. Each of my 6 tables gets a different book, a set of 10 questions, and a free draw prompt all related to the artist they have been given. 

Valid and user friendly resources are a great asset to the art room. This series of books and dvd’s shows students that the process of art making and the development over the years can make them a better artist with each lesson!

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