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May 17, 2017

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, one of the most difficult stations for me to manage in the classroom was my writing station. I wanted to give my kiddos enough freedom in their writing so that they could use some creativity, but I also needed them to have some structure to help them stay on task. After all, giving first graders a notebook and 15-20 minutes of time to write on their own can be daunting! In addition to my monthly sentence puzzles, I created these monthly writing papers and prompts!


What’s Included?

If you can’t already tell, I’m all about changing out my stations seasonally and having activities that get kiddos in the spirit of that season! Aside from changing classroom decorations regularly (no, thank you!), this was the easiest way for me to keep things relevant. In my papers and prompts set, you’ll find 6 full-page writing sheets (in color and black/white) and 6 half-page writing sheets with a large space for illustrating (in color and black/white). This gives you the ability to differentiate your activities within groups. Simply give each student the page that best suits them without having to split the students up according to their writing level. Students can work on the same prompts as each other, but only write as much as they are able.


Also included are 12 writing prompts that are perfect for that month. In this summer set, students will write about all things summer – from what their dream summer vacation is, to what they might experience using their 5 senses in the summer. Students of all writing levels will have a chance to write and/or illustrate in the same station without you scrambling to differentiate their activities. This pack also makes planning easier for you by providing 12 different prompts for students to work through all month, making it a perfect station staple!


To check out this station as well as the year-long bundle, hop on over to my TPT store! If you have any questions about this station or others, or if you’d like to share how you love to use them, please e-mail me! I’d love to chat with you!

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