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May 19, 2017

As the weather gets warmer and the sun begins to shine the only thing on my students’ mind is summer vacation. Except the only problem is… summer vacation is still weeks away! Summer has been on my students’ mind since the first day of March and behavior management hasn’t been as easy as it once was back in the fall. While I still rely on my old tricks, I have added a few new fun things to keep my kids motivated to make good choices every day.

Score Board 

In my past posts, I shared how I use Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom (check out the post here) and one of the easiest behavior management techniques in the book “Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids” is called the Scoreboard. The Scoreboard is SO simple and effective. Each day I draw a T-Chart on my white board, one side is the happy side the other is the sad side. The goal is to end the day with more happy points than sad points…that’s it!

Throughout the day I award happy points and sad points depending on what I see. Are students talking out of turn? They earn a sad point! Are students following directions the first time asked? They earn a positive Point! The trick is to keep the score close to keep them on edge 🙂 In addition to tallying points, I always have a small incentive on the line like extra recces or Go-Noodle time. This small reward doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but is an extra way to reward good behavior.

VIP Bucket

All over Instagram I saw teachers using a “VIP Table” to award students for good behavior and thought this would be perfect for my classroom….if only I had the space. While I don’t have room to create a separate VIP table I was able to modify the idea to fit the needs of my classroom. Instead of a VIP table I filled a shower caddy with Mr. Sketch markers, stickers, mechanical pencils, and all of those extra Target Dollar Spot erasers we all hoard.

The VIP bin is awarded to a student each afternoon and is taken to the student’s desk to be used the next day. Instead of choosing a student at the end of the day, I draw a student’s name and it is a secret that is revealed at dismissal. If the student made good choices, they earn the VIP award, but f they don’t I do not reveal the name and their name is put back in the drawing. My student’s love to guess who is going to be VIP and the privilege of using my fancy supplies is enough to keep even my toughest kids motivated to stay on track.

What are some ways that you boost your behavior management system at the end of the year?

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