For the Love of Lists

May 27, 2017

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn and I LOVE LISTS. I do. Grocery lists, to-do lists, idea lists – you name it! Nothing helps me ease stress quite like writing down all of the things floating around in my mind. It’s like if my thoughts have been recorded, I can’t forget them and so I don’t have to worry about constantly trying to remember them. And I don’t know about you, but I feel so relieved and productive when I cross off items on my lists.

What Do I List?

I make lists for everything, but I noticed them make the biggest difference when I was in the classroom. If you were to look at my desk at any given time, there were probably 2-4 lists laying around. I made lists of a million things, but a few examples include:

– missing work

– parents I needed to contact/reply to

– paperwork I needed to complete

– stations I wanted to update/add

– which subjects still needed to be planned

– assignments to enter into the gradebook

– areas of my classroom to tidy/organize

 Why Do I Write Them?

One of the reasons I write my lists is because I just plain enjoy writing. That may sound crazy, but it’s true. I type all the time so it feels nice to put my fun pens and handwriting to good use. But most importantly, I write because I remember best this way. I was the same way as a student, and I had many students who were similar. If I type my lists into my phone or on my computer, I go into auto-pilot and don’t actually remember what I’m listing. There’s also something so therapeutic to me in writing down my thoughts and almost feeling them leave my stressed-out brain.

Try it out! The next time you’re at the Target dollar spot stocking up on your ridiculously adorable erasers and goodies, grab one of their super cute notepads and start listing your projects and ideas in your classroom. I’d love to hear if this helps you as much as it helped me!

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