Studio EE4 is Closed!

June 11, 2017

Closing out the school year for all teachers is a busy time, especially for an art teacher. “What might make it difficult?’ you ask? Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to do way too much and try new things at the end of the school year! What was I thinking?! But hey, I enjoy being challenged and ended up learning some new things during the process that can be useful for next year. Below are some yearly routines I do with my students at the end of the school year plus some new endeavors!

Art Portfolio’s

At some point I have to pass out every piece of artwork back to the students that they’ve made over the school year; time-consuming for me but so exciting for the students because I’ve been hoarding it all year long (WHOOPS!). My students and I discuss the importance of preserving their artwork and how it will be appreciated by their family and friends to view their art progression over the course of the school year!

JPE’s favorite art things!

Even though I do this every year, I am still surprised to read some of the responses I receive. The last art class of the year is for fun, free-drawing (because I never let them) but most importantly, reflection. The students write on a post-it note their favorite art project, what they’ve learned, and what they want to learn next year. I love reading these from each student because it helps me grow as a teacher and to create more engaging and effective lesson plans.

T-Shirt Contest!

The students have been more excited about the school t-shirt contest more than any project we’ve done this year, even more than clay (which is a HUGE hit). The 2017-2018 school year is the 10th anniversary for my school and our PTO wants to celebrate by hosting a t-shirt contest. Easy peezy, right? WRONG! After giving the students detailed instructions and requirements for the t-shirt, it has been very amusing to see Batman eating a birthday cake, Minecraft worlds, Lego superheroes flying over the school, and many more. Hopefully, we can find a winner soon!


This school year I hosted a behavior competition with my fifth-grade classes because they needed it. I needed something that would promote positive behavior and this competition definitely caused improvement! I chose three classes with the highest behavior percentage on Class Dojo, a system-wide behavior system we use within our school. The class that received first place got to tye dye shirts with me, and I haven’t done this in ages! I was nervous and excited about the mess and I can’t wait to see the kids reactions from this! Hopefully next year I can use this as an incentive with each grade level to promote positive behavior!

How do you close out your school year? Anything new that you may have tried that was just too overwhelming at the end of the year?

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