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Creative School Breaks!

July 5, 2017


As you’ve read in previous post here on Tenspire, us educators enjoy and fully take advantage of school breaks, especially summer break. School breaks are for relaxation, restoration, and still some work for educators. Sometimes, this can difficult when your own children or children you may baby sit begin shouting, “I’m bored!” and wants to color, play outside, watch movies, and everything else a kid enjoys doing over break.  If you’re too busy to go out or you’re living on a budget there are creative art activities you can do at a low cost or with household items you have at home.

Let’s check out a few…

Squirt Gun Painting!

Most likely, if you have children you’ll have water guns laying around. Instead of filling them with water, fill them with watered down paint or liquid watercolors, using their favorite colors. You can use any size or color paper and lay it on the grass to avoid a mess. Pick up your water gun and begin creating abstract art pieces! Just as simple as that! 

Glitter Goo!

Slime was all the rage this school year. Weekly, students walked into my classroom eager to show me their silly putty or goo that they had made in ESP or in their homerooms. So, I’m sure it’ll be a hit when creating with your munchkins over any break! All you need is…

  1. Glitter glue of any color. Make sure it isn’t washable glue.
  2. Water (equivalent to the amount of glue you are using.
  3. 1 tsp of Borax.
  4. 4 additional oz. of warm water (dissolves the borax)

Keep stirring until you have a gel-like substance and store it in a Ziploc bag or container. And Walla! You have Glitter Goo!

The Famous Coloring Books!

The content and images of coloring books have definitely changed since I was a child. The images are very detailed, creating a zentangle design that is mesmirizing and attracts all age groups. These coloring books are also themed and can tell a story. You can purchase a Harry Potter colroing book, The Secret Garden, Wild Savannah, Animal Kingdom, and many more themes that may seem interesting to your children. If you can’t find a coloring book in stores that you like there are numerous pages online that you could print off for free.  Not only are these for children, but some coloring books are specifically for adults! Coloring a few pages a day can be very relaxing while your children are playing with Glitter Goo or creating water gun abstract art pieces.  

On your next break from teaching, try one of these activities to keep everyone around the house busy and entertained! What are some activities you have done with your children or even for yourself that you have found to be enjoyable?  

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