Back to School Math

Back to School Math!

August 1, 2017

It’s hard to believe we will all be back in our classrooms soon, with a fresh group of students ready to soak up all the knowledge a new school year has to offer! I’m not quite ready to give up my summer yet, but I am starting to think of ways I can better my teaching this year. There are so many fun ways to incorporate math into your beginning of the school year routines!

Name Tag Numbers

This activity will be fun for students as they get to know each other and practice number sense. All you need is a stack of name tags! Take a number and write it a different way on a few name tags. For example:

  • 651
  • six hundred fifty-one
  • 600+50+1
  • use a photo/drawing of place value blocks to represent the number

Do this with 4-5 numbers and give each student a name tag, then have them find the other students in the class who have name tags that represent the same number. You can make this a great ice-breaker by having the students complete a task together once they find their group.

I Have, Who Has

This game is perfect for any grade level! You can easily find a set of cards on TPT or at most education stores. My place value set is a favorite in 3rd grade! I love this game because it forces students to practice listening skills and interpret the information on their card.

If you’ve never seen this game, here’s how it works: each student gets a card with a picture or phrase on it. The first card might say “I have 63. Who has 7 tens and 8 ones?” The player with 78 reads their card, which says “I have 78. Who has 2 hundreds, 4 tens, and 2 ones?”…so on and so forth. I love to have my students playing this game from the beginning because it is perfect to use as a warm-up game for so many lessons throughout the year! You can have them start with review skills from the previous year.

Me By the Numbers

This one is perfect for your first hallway or classroom work display! Modeling is essential for this, especially with the younger grades. Have students create their own chart giving information about themselves using numbers. Some ideas include their age, number of pets, number of siblings, birthday, favorite number, house number, number of soccer games they won/books they read over the summer… really anything with numbers will work! Let them be creative! Here is a sample chart I found, but you could easily create one that fits your needs!

There are so many great ways to use math during those get-to-know-you first days! Wishing all of you a wonderful start to the school year!

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