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August 17, 2017

Well. You can’t fight it much longer friends. You’ve seen the school supplies all summer. You’ve tried to ignore the classroom posts on social media. But Back-to-School is here. Whether you’re dreading going back to school or are eager to get your keys, I’ve got a few tips for making this school year a little smoother from the very beginning!

1. Find Your Tribe

There’s nothing more deflating than spilling your frustrations or teaching joys to someone who just doesn’t get it. And we can’t blame them. Education is a world of its own. That’s why we need others who are in the trenches with us! Make a point to get to know your teammates, hallmates, anyone on campus that you can visit with when you need to share. If that isn’t quite enough or you want a view outside of your school, social media makes it so easy for you to connect with other educators! My personal favorite has been Instagram! To me it’s like browsing Pinterest with the ability to chat with the “pinners” and see more about their lives! (Did you know Tenspire is on Instagram? Click here to visit and follow!)

2. Set Boundaries

It is always so much harder to set boundaries after you’ve already established what you are and aren’t willing to do. Before the school year even starts, decide what time you’re going to plan on going home in the evenings. Set a limit on how many extracurricular activities you’ll be a part of. Know that it’s always okay to say “no” when you’re plate is too full, but it’s easier to say it sooner than later.

 3. Treat Yourself

Find something you truly enjoy, big or small, and treat yourself to it regularly! My treat was taking a giant thermos of hot coffee with my favorite creamer to school every morning. I’d sip it on the way to school and then as we got settled into our morning routine. There was something about bringing a little bit of home with me that made me feel more comfortable. Not a coffee drinker? Bring your soda or tea! Grade papers with your favorite new pens! Need something more exciting to look forward to at the end of the week? Get a mani/pedi! Pick up your favorite restaurant meal on the way home Friday! Give yourself something to look forward to and reward yourself for all your hard work throughout the week.


Do you find that having a treat regularly keeps your morale up? What do you treat yourself to? I can’t wait to read from you guys and (hopefully) get some new ideas for myself!

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