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September 21, 2017

In case you haven’t noticed, Google is beginning to take over the education world. Outdated computers are being replaced by sleek Chrome Bases and clunky laptops are being upgraded to speedy Chrome Books. Microsoft office is being swapped for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Oh and you know that flash drive you used to carry around? That can be swapped for Google Drive.

With so much to offer, learning “Google” can be an overwhelming task as an educator. Not only do we want to learn how to use it for ourselves but it is also important to learn how we can use the tools to help our students learn and help them become 21st century learners.

I was lucky to grow up using Google Tools because my dad was pretty “techy” and showed me how to use Google Drive and the processing tools in high school. Since starting to use Google Tools I haven’t gone back to Microsoft Office since! But even though I had a basic knowledge of the programs I wanted to learn more! This is why I turned to Google for Education training and certification.

Google for Education training is an interactive training program that teaches you how to use all of the different programs and gives you helpful tips for using them as an educator. The training consists of 13 modules ranging in topics from digital citizenship to building a classroom website using Google Sites. I found that as someone who has used the tools in my personal and professional life, the training was quite easy. There are practice questions and application activities through out the training….don’t skip these!! They are VERY helpful for the certification test. My favorite part of the training was the examples of teachers using the products in their classroom, I gathered a lot of great ideas for my next school year!

After completing the training (which took me about 4 hours) I registered for the Level 1 Certification test. To register for the test it is highly recommended that you complete the modules and you have to pay a $10 fee to take the test. When taking the test you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that you will not share the contents of the test with others. So while legally I am not allowed to share what is on the test I can share a few tips!

  1. Be familiar with ALL of the Google for Education suite tools. If you haven’t used a tool before, explore the tool before you take the test.
  2. Read the directions carefully and often. I found that the test took me a long time because I wanted to be very sure that I didn’t miss a step.
  3. Find a comfortable spot and bring a snack/drink with you. The test is quite long and for security reasons you will be recordered throughout the test so it is not reccomended that you leave your computer for an extended period of time.

After passing the test you will receive a digital certificate stating that you are “Google for Education” certified and this is a great addition to a resume!

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