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Making Your Team a Family

March 27, 2018

The end of the school year is quickly approaching! Hopefully you’re feeling a sense of excitement about ending the school year strong! I’m breaking from math topics today to talk about building a community on your grade level. Teachers work so hard to get their students to form a community of learners- shouldn’t we be doing the same thing with the adults on our team?

This summer, a colleague and I hosted a PD on building community with your team. We focused on identifying your personality type, learning how to work with different personalities, making each person feel valued, and how to deal with difficult scenarios that may arise within your team. I am attaching the PowerPoint from our session. It includes a copy of the personality test, as well as some great tips that will help your team become a family!

Building Community PPT

Major Takeaways

  • Take time to be with each other without talking about work (this is really hard for teachers!)
  • Respect any and all cultural differences
  • Celebrate with your team! Birthdays, personal and professional accomplishments, major life events…
  • Be reflective!
  • Acknowledge each person’s contributions
  • Address tension within your team and try to handle all conflict on the team- no negativity or gossip about your teammates!

I truly believe that it’s the people we work with who make our jobs wonderful or less than. I hope you are able to establish a great working relationship with your team this year!

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