Ready for the Road

April 12, 2018

Springtime is upon us, bringing new life and a fresh start! For our family, Spring also brings new adventures! Along with “April showers” come hail and wind storms, meaning we will soon be heading out on our way to work in – well, who knows?

Working the Storms

If you haven’t been following Tenspire for very long, you may be wondering why on earth our work life revolves around storms. I’ll admit – saying that sounds pretty crazy myself sometimes! But for those curious, my husband is a catastrophe insurance adjuster and we travel for his job. When storms bring too much damage for the local adjusters to handle, catastrophe adjusters are called in to represent the insurance company and help get claims handled. The exciting thing is that this can happen anywhere in the U.S. The crazy thing is that this can happen anywhere in the U.S. Ha! Since this job can keep you at work out of state for months at a time, our family decided to sell our home and purchase an RV so that we can travel and stay together. It has been an absolute blast so far!

Waiting for the Road

Once my husband receives a call for work, we have just a few days to hit the road. Unfortunately, that could mean we have just a few days to make a 20+ hour drive. (We never know until we get the actual call.) While he and I love taking road trips together, road trips with a 2 year-old are a bit more complicated. So to help with the possibility of long-distance travel, we decided to get a head start and take some time to explore the areas halfway between us (Texas) and the states that commonly have these storms. So here we are, hanging out in Tennessee, waiting to see where the weather takes us next. I can’t wait to keep you all posted on our newest adventure!

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