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October 15, 2018

Shared Reading and Interactive Read Aloud Resources

Hello, literacy pals! I sure hope this blog post finds you off to a great start to your school year! What do all teachers love? The word FREE!!! Right?! Well, I have some good news for you. If your school district is anything like mine, we are really hitting shared reading (SR) and interactive read alouds (IRA) hard and heavy in our schools. In fact, focusing on these two reading instructional strategies has been a bit of trend across many areas of the United States.  More and more states are adding to the body of knowledge about SR and IRA. You may remember that I wrote an IRA module for my state’s initial statewide training phase a couple years ago. Tennessee has since added many resources and updated some of its tools. Check them out here.

Today I stumbled upon this gold mine of FREE resources from Georgia. It definitely goes beyond SR and IRA as far as literacy resources go. I love that this site offers everything FREE and even includes some great videos of quality instruction in action. Always nice to see exactly how to implement a teaching strategy if it is new to you, or to learn a few new tips if it is a strategy you have been implementing for a while. Level up!

Last but not least, hopefully you have not forgotten about Louisiana’s FREE resources. They have been a favorite of mine over the years! Achieve the Core has all the best FREE teaching goodies, too. I mean, surely you know about some of these FREE resources by now- but it never hurts to be reminded to take a second to revisit these great sites you may have forgotten about.

So, there you go. A plethora of FREE literacy resources. Hopefully these will help teachers to have more of their other favorite word: FREETIME!

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