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August 15, 2018

Self-Care and Reading

I recently came across an article pertaining to readers and self-care.  “When a reader adopts reading as a form of self-care, he or she accepts reading as a means to improve himself or herself.”  When I consider the new school year and different goals I plan to set for myself as a teacher of literacy, I think exposing my students to reading for self-care is a great idea.

Adults understand this concept better than children of course.  I know when I have had too much drama in real life and simply need to read a comedic book.  I know when I crave inspiration through an autobiography or escapism through reading a selection from the genre of fantasy.  There are always new things I can challenge myself to learn more about and I gravitate towards nonfiction sometimes, too.  Students need to be taught about this idea of self-care through literature.

We are always trying to get students to read more on their own.  What better way for them to get excited about reading than by having them choose what they are reading?  Just like many have done with Writer’s Workshop, student can begin with a list that they generate.  Instead of listing topics to write about, students can list things they want to read about.  The list can be broad at first by listing genres.  The students may do an internet search for a more detailed search of books in their realm of interests.  Work with the online card catalog from your school’s library, too, to pin down specific books students can check out from the school.  Lastly, students could recommend books to friends.  These lists are intended to be living, growing documents throughout the year.  It will be fun for students to see what they have read and what literature paths they have taken throughout the year.  Have fun guiding students on their own self-care reading journey!

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